Main FAQ

Are your firearms legal in my state?
With individual cities and states constantly changing ownership and purchasing laws, we highly recommend that you contact your local dealer to see if the firearm you are looking at can be purchased in your area. Return shipping costs for a non-transferrable firearm are the responsibility of the buyer.
Can I add a stock to my Nocturne 22?

Adding a stock the Nocturne 22 changes the legal definition of the firearm to a “short-barreled rifle” which is a weapon regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). Thus, adding a stock would render the firearm illegal until an NFA tax stamp is acquired for the rifle.

For added stabilization while shooting, we recommend a single-point sling like the Blackhawk Storm.

My blaster has trouble feeding or ejecting. What should I do?

Failure to feed (FTF) and failure to eject (FTE) problems are typically caused by one of the following issues:

  • A factory chamber. a factory-new chamber is typically tightly toleranced and contain minute surface imperfections that may be “grabbing” your rounds and not allowing them to feed or eject smoothly. The remedy is to chuck an oiled brass cleaning brush into a drill and polish the chamber of the barrel to smooth the imperfections. Afterward, thoroughly clean your barrel. Note that all our pre-built blasters are polished and tested as part of the build process.
  • A dirty chamber. Resolution: clean the barrel and chamber.
  • A dirty bolt. Resolution: thoroughly clean your bolt paying particular attention to the bolt face, ejector, and feed ramp.
  • Feed ramp imperfections Resolution: Gently polish the feed ramp with a buffing pad and white polishing compound in a rotary tool. Do not remove any metal, just lightly polish to a mirror surface. There may still be visible imperfections in the feed ramp face but as long as they are smoothed, function will be restored. Note that all of our prebuilt blasters are polished and tested as part of the build process.

If you purchased a finished blaster from us and these steps do not remedy the problem, let us know the details of the problem you are experiencing via our contact form.



My Canto Arms part is gray looking rather than black. Is this normal?

Our aluminum parts are Type III hardcoat anodized and may have a gray look to them when you receive them. Once you wipe a light coat of oil on the surface they will permanently turn a rich deep black.

What type of gun is the Nocturne 22?

The Nocturne 22 is legally categorized as a pistol per 18 U.S.C., § 921(A)(29) and 27 CFR § 478.11.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a product or return?

To contact us about a product or return, navigate to the contact form by clicking here. Please provide as much information as possible about the product you are inquiring about and your question, then submit the form.

Will a high capacity magazine work in the Nocturne 22?

In short yes. We recommend the magazines by Black Dog Machine but others may work. However, Canto Arms does not guarantee the reliability of any magazine other than the ones we sell or include with our firearms.

Check your local and state laws before purchasing a high capacity magazine for your Canto Arms firearm.

Will an aftermarket grip fit on my Nocturne 22?

An aftermarket grip will fit your Nocturne 22 as it is a standard AR-15 platform.

Will an aftermarket trigger work in my Nocturne 22?

While any aftermarket trigger assembly designed for the AR-15 platform will fit in the Nocturne 22, we cannot guarantee that it will work reliably. Our design employs an Atchisson-style blowback bolt carrier group which requires the hammer tension strength to be in a particular range to work reliably. While most hammer/trigger assemblies operate within this range, it is impossible for us to test every assembly in our gun so we cannot guarantee their reliability with our system.